Well, we are heading into the home stretch of our school year. The plan is to be completely finished by May 1st. Be we are actually headed into the final week of our base curriculum. Classical Conversations.

Let’s talk about this curriculum for a second. I.LOVE.THIS.CURRICULUM. I was first introduced to it just two years ago. I was skeptical. So I went to a 3-day practicum about this curriculum. It was amazing but I was still confused. Then I enrolled my 3 older kids and jumped into it that fall. Oh my goodness, I had no idea that something seemingly so simple could actually have my kids learning more than any of the other curriculums combined.

The way it works is, there are three tiers: Foundations, Essentials & Challenge. Foundations is preschool – 6th grade. Essentials is 4th – 6th grade. And challenge A & B are Jr. High. Challenge 1, 2, 3, & 4 are high school. Foundations has three cycles and they study one cycle per year. If starting from the beginning of their schooling your child will complete each cycle twice and two of them 3 times. There are 24 weeks per cycle.

Each week you will have a small portion of each subject to memorize. The subjects are: history, science, English grammar, Latin, mathematics, timeline, & geography. Every week you will meet with a community group and a tutor will drill the new information with your kids, do a science experiment, an art project, and review. The rest of the week you will continue to drill the information daily at home. You may expound on any of the subjects as much or little as you wish but the only things required in addition to this Foundations curriculum are an age appropriate math curriculum and language arts curriculum. When your child enters the Essentials program you will no longer need to purchase a separate Language Arts program.

To learn more about Classical Conversations, visit their website HERE.

So there is my brief overview of my all-time favorite homeschool curriculum.

The last couple of weeks I have already been planning for next year. I don’t usually plan until sometime near the end of July but this year I am trying to get a bit of a jump on it in hopes of being more organized. This is what I will most likely be purchasing for next year:

Horizons Math(for all 3 kiddos)

Horizons Math, Grade 5, Complete Set   -

This is my favorite math program. My boys pick up on the new information quickly and its colorful and fun. They do one lesson a day which usually consists of 2-3 pages. This coming year I may have them do some drill pages which are usually in the back of the teacher’s manual.

I will be purchasing their manipulatives set for Avril as she tends to struggle with numbers more than the boys did.

Horizons Math Manipulatives Kit for Grades K to 3   -

Language Arts(for Avril & Rowan)

Grammar & Punctuation Grade 1  -     By: Homeschool

These books seemed to help Adam when he used them(he no longer needs them since he is in the Essentials program in CC) so I will be getting grades 1-3 for Rowan and the kindergarten book for Avril. We did not do any of this for Rowan this year and since the books are short I think he can easily do three.


PreScripts Cursive Letters and Coloring: World History  -

 Rowan will get the one actually pictured here as he will be learning cursive next year. Adam has a couple of years under his belt so he will get one that coincides with the history memory work. Avril will be doing copywork correlating to our weekly memory work.


Throughout the summer we will be doing The Picture Smart Bible for devotions each day but this is what I plan to use for the school  year. This will be our first time using this but I have heard great things about it. Adam will have the notebooking journal, Rowan will have the Jr. one, and Avril will have the coloring book. I’m really excited about it.


Creation to the Resurrection, Volume 1, Second Edition: The Mystery of History Series7 CD Audio Set Vol. 1: The Ancient Times, Story of the World

These should correlate well with our Cycle 1 in Foundations. We will also use various books that will expound on their memory work but these will be the be the most used.


Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd Edition, Companion CD, Version 9.0Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the  Fifth Day MP3 Audio CD

Again, we will use the parts that reiterate their memory work in Foundations.



All About Reading is what Rowan & Avril will use. Rowan will be in level 3 and Avril in level 1. Adam will use Essentials and independent reading that interests him.

I think that pretty much concludes the list.

Happy Planning for you all!


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