Rowan Gaige

IMG_1394 copy

AKA: Rowster, Row-dy, Rodeo, Dimples

So this boy turned 9 yesterday.


I can hardly believe that my children are getting so big. We are kind of moving into this crazy phase of life that is easier in so many ways and harder in others. This year I signed myself(& my kids)up for a little too much and it has been nuts! But it wouldn’t have even been possible a couple of years ago so in a way it’s sort of cool. (We won’t be doing it next year! ha ha)

Anyway, back to the man of the hour.

A few facts about Rowan:

  1. Favorite color: blue
  2. Favorite food: pizza(hold the cheese)
  3. Favorite movie: Jurassic World
  4. Favorite toy: Legos
  5. Favorite subject: math
  6. Best Friend: Jude
  7. Favorite game: soccer
  8. What do you want to be when you grow up? A Lego designer
  9. Most thankful for: a good home & a good bed
  10. What do you want to do before you turn 10? Use my sled in the winter & swim in the pool in summer.

His eyes are still blue, he still has dimples, he’s still laid-back, he’s still Rowan! But now he’s nine years old.

And we still love him!

Happy birthday Rowan.



I Just gotta Say

Our Wedding 010

 I love this man.

 Yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary. We went to church, came home and fed kids, went to lunch, walked around town, browsed model homes just for fun, stopped at Wal-Mart to get auto oil, and got a Starbucks.


We are getting old.

But you know what? It was fun! We were completely relaxed and had fun getting ideas for that “someday” house. It was nice to just have nothing specific to do. That is pretty rare for a husband like mine.

So 12 years….you’d think I’d have some really profound things to say about marriage after a dozen years, but I don’t. All I have to say is, I am so blessed in my marriage. Yes, we struggle. Yes, we fight(more than I care to admit). Yes, We look much, much older today than we do in these pictures. But I wouldn’t change my choice if I could. And while I’d love to toot my own horn about how well I chose, I know that this wonderful man is truly a gift from God. I honestly didn’t know someone could love me so much even after seeing me at my ugliest(inside and out). So, here’s to a marriage worth fighting for!

Happy Anniversary, Jay.

I love you.

Our Wedding 017

Our Wedding 012

Our Wedding 014

Our Wedding 013

Our Wedding 008

Remember when weddings looked like this?

I call it the “Pre-Pinterest Era”.