My name is Heidi.

I am creating this blog in an attempt to inspire myself and hopefully others. I despise writing About Me pages but love reading them on other blogs.

I am in my early 30s but still find it difficult to refer to myself as a woman instead of a girl. My sweet husband, Jason, and I have been married for 11 years. He still sends me texts saying he’s proud of me or that I’m beautiful.  During those years we’ve had four beautiful children: Adam, Rowan, Avril, & Garhett, whom we all refer to as Rhett. I homeschool and even I think I’m crazy.

A few of my favorite things are: chai lattes, chocolate, autumn, Christmas, the color white or any variation of it, old things(furniture, building, dishes, people), steak and potatoes, long walks, visiting with family, chips and salsa, online shopping, and metallic colors.

I’m coming out of a four-year bout of depression but I won’t mention it much because I’m sort of done with being a downer.

I have blogged since 2008 but I started a new one because it was time for a change. I have no special skills. I know very little about blogging. Photography is not my forte. Graphic design is something I’m curious about. Home decorating overwhelms me. And after almost 10 years, I’m still learning how to parent. So I guess this blog is just simply about the journey. The journey I’m taking for all of the above. No specific thing, just our life.

That brings me to the name of this blog. A Home Beyond.

Really, it has multiple meanings. I have so many plans for our house. Decorating, remodeling, yard work. I see so many beautiful before and after shots online and I feel inspired. There are so many ideas that I am hoping to implement in our home. How do you convince your practical hubby that beauty is worth the expense? So I guess you could say that I’m hoping to turn our house into a home beyond what I imagined it could be. I think so many have homes beyond what they can afford. That, I don’t want. My desire is to have a home beyond my wildest dreams but not beyond my budget.

A Home Beyond also means that I hope and pray to instill in my children a love for things not material. Things beyond these four walls. Things that we cannot buy.

And finally, A Home Beyond is meant to remind me that my true home is beyond this life. I have a home with my Savior that my eyes have not seen nor has my mind imagined it. But He promised it to those who love Him. And I do love Him. And while I’m decorating, baking, schooling, cleaning, and living, I want to always remember that I am not yet home.


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